Originally perceived as a Brooklyn based punk band, SURFBORT is proving their cult cool translates coast to coast. Channeling inspiration from the 80’s punk scene to produce rousing, explosive music, their feedback strafed, guitar-shredding music says no to a digital age full of intolerance; they radiate love and friendship.

All are welcome in the SURFBORT FREAK FAMILY! Touring with The Black Lips after playing the last Coachella, the band has also played with The Dickies, Royal Trux, White Fang, The Garden, Martin Rev, Tijuana Panthers, The Mystery Lights, and many others. The band continues to hail acclaim from peers and journalists alike: “The high degree of authenticity that permeates every aspect of Surfbort’s work makes the band a “distinguishable artistic entity. Live, Surfbort is akin to a stick of dynamite that self-ignites, producing a massive eruption that encapsulates the audience in the most incredible way. The band’s energy feels far far from forced; it is raw to the point of being uncontrollably infectious.”- AMPLIPY MAGAZINE. “Machine gun volley of two-minute shards of sound that pummel you into a giddy mess while flicking two fingers to authority” – CRACK MAGAZINE. “The last (only) New York Punk band” – W Magazine. The Guardian compares the band with “The Spirit of Bikini Kill, Pussy Galore, Patti Smith and X”.

It’s no wonder Surfbort was one of the handpicked collection of great bands originally signed to Cult Records, the indie label founded by Julian Casablancas of The Strokes/The Voidz. The band has recently been hand picked by Iconic rock producer Linda Perry to be part of her new partnership with streaming giant SOUNDCLOUD, starting with the new exclusive single ‘White Claw Enema Bong Hit’. The song was inspired by the band’s observation during the pandemic, of how polarized society was becoming: party against party, arguing over Covid statistics, fighting over human rights, information vs. disinformation…nobody could even agree on what the truth was.

People were dying, a revolution was percolating, and most people were stuck at home watching it on TV. Meanwhile (and as always) there were these groups of tone-deaf people flexing their privilege, partying obliviously with no care in the world for the large-scale suffering on tap for most people. The band reflects this in the video with a mix of striking, aggressive but fun images that tell the story, also featuring model actress Ashley Smith and Zach Holmes from the upcoming ‘Jackass Forever’ movie. Singer Dani Miller also recently guested on the GROUPLOVE track ‘Just What You Want’ and the band collaborated with Donita Sparks on a new L7 track due out this November.

Surfbort also starred in the 2019 Pre-Fall GUCCI campaign, performing at the press event and is featured in the FILM DIRECTED BY GLEN LUCHFORD. Singer Dani Miller is also the star of the launch of the worldwide campaign for GUCCI BEAUTY. Drummer Sean Powell was also Academy Award© nominee Riz Ahmed and Director Darius Marder’s INSPIRATION FOR MOLDING THE LEAD CHARACTER in the Academy Award© winning film ‘Sound of Metal’. Surfbort will be playing new music live from their forthcoming album, Keep On Truckin’ – set for release September 24th with Linda Perry’s Partnership With SoundCloud- in LA and additional NYC and other live dates to be announced shortly. Surfbort is: Dani Miller- Vocals, Alex Kilgore – Guitar, Matt Picola – Guitar, Nick Arnold – Bass, and Sean Powell Drums.