SONI withanEYE has emerged with a genre expanding collection of music that attracts listeners from house lovers to head bangers with her work. Her latest release “Your Gonna Miss My Love” remix was added to Defected Radio’s Playlist and electrifies the dance floor. Her debut album titled “Rebel” featured Mobb Deep and Quest Love of The Roots to name a few. SONI withanEYE delivered a taste of what is on the album in the video for her forthcoming single “Get it Together” featuring the legendary Raekwon, from the Wu Tang Clan and her new video “Rebel” featuring cameos from Natalie of Nina Sky and video vixen Gloria Velez bringing in a strong message of women empowerment through visual art and song.

Born and raised in Queens, NY, SONI withanEYE, honed her skills in church while singing in the choir during her time at Catholic school. She began playing with instruments such as the piano and guitar, which proved she had an innate talent to sing and perform. She expanded her talents of how to work a crowd even more, when she added spinning records as well as production to her repertoire. While continuing to live in New York and traveling the world, SONI continuously finds inspiration in so many sounds and cultures, which are magically reflected in her unique music. While her Puerto Rican roots are showcased in some of her past catalog of music, it’s the present work she’s creating that speaks to her musicianship across a myriad of genres .She credits an array of artists from David Bowie to Dolly Parton, from Madonna to Dinah Washington, and Ray Barreto to Led Zeppelin for her eclectic love of music.

“I would love for my music to create emotion, joy, consciousness, compassion, and influence people” SONI states, “ There are many different emotions and a strong personality I project through my music, that’s influenced by my experiences, friends and family, as well as the different genres I’ve been exposed to growing up.”

Inspired by her father, who played everything from the congas to saxophone, and even managed the Brooklyn Breakers, SONI withanEYE moves in the same direction by not being able to be pigeonholed into one specific genre. SONI may be predominantly known for her past collaborations with Todd Terry, Louie Vega and working with legendary Jellybean Benitez, as well as past collaborations with super producer Timbaland, Bubba Sparxxx, childhood friends The Beatnuts and Tony Touch. SONI formerly served as the face of Cypress Hills’ where she hosted a weekly live broadcast “Toca Tuesday” during which she interviewed her fellow artists and party goers as she showcased her cunning on-camera charm. SONI has not only helped catapult fellow artists’ brands, she also created her own such as Lovebreak, Dreamland and latest Haus of Creatives Records which all celebrate the love for culture in music while providing a platform of opportunities for other artists to be discovered and heard. While some may try to throw labels on what her work represents, SONI serves as a musical teacher of sorts, defining what she truly is : a versatile force with a voice that touches the soul.