Dan Davies and Michael Stauffer first worked together co-hosting a latte art competition (yeah, you read that right). They immediately recognized the yin to the other’s yang. They also realized you can’t finish every latte, or else you risk….well, you know.

When you hear “trivia” you think of a snarky host with a calf tattoo mumbling from a mysterious corner. That’s when Dan, a stand-up comedian and Mike, host of the debaucherous Not Your Standard Bingo, realized there was a void. Why wasn’t there a show that was 25% quiz, 50% comedy, 15% limbo, 30% Mariah Carey sing-a-longs where math didn’t count?? And so out came Question Party?!, a live show for people who don’t take their trivia (or their lives) so friggin’ seriously.

The hosts, who share a joie de vivre*, perform a dramatic guess-that-lyric reading, act-out scenes from famous films, cue up your favorite throwback jams, and oh yeah, ask hand-crafted, trivial questions. They will NOT **apologise for their dancing, or the dancing they inspire.
QP?! has enjoyed weekly residencies in Williamsburg, Manhattan, Miami and Montauk. Check them out, you won’t regret it. Although you will regret not calling out of work the next day.

*they don’t speak French,. Like, at all.

**they DO type in British, though