Philadelphia’s Queen of Jeans return with their latest single, “Karaoke,” an anthem that encapsulates the emotions of a breakup and path to finding stability around it.

Produced by indie super-producer Will Yip (Turnstile, Movements, Circa Survive), the song represents a new era for Queen of Jeans, building upon their signature sound of dreamy melodies, captivating vocals, and irresistible hooks.

Queen of Jeans first formed when vocalist/guitarist Miriam Devora and guitarist Mattie Glass grew tired of being tokenized female (and queer) members of their respective bands. With the addition of drummer Patrick Wall, they’ve brought life to a sonic universe all their own––one that weighs whimsy and vocal theatrics in equal balance with pop rhythm and attitude.

Their discography is still growing but across two albums and several EPs, the Philly trio has already refined and damn-near perfected their process. Working with Will Yip on their last few releases has definitely helped highlight the band’s songwriting skills, but it’s their chemistry as human beings that truly shines the brightest.