Not My Weekend was formed by Patrick Gilchrist in 2012, in the small university town of Laramie, Wyoming. Over several years of stylistic and musical development, the group eventually settled into its current lineup, consisting of Noah Hammontree on drums, Ed Ma on bass, Nick Hudson on guitar, and Gilchrist on vocals and a separate guitar than the one Nick is playing.

The group signed to We Are Triumphant and released their debut EP “Yellow” in 2018. The project, featuring the singles “When You’re Around” and “Crawl”, is notable for its refreshingly positive and upbeat energy, along with its vibrant and charming personality. Emillou Dobson of Haunted Publications described the group’s debut LP “Honeymoon” (2021) as “energetic, infectious and unexpectedly nostalgic”, adding that it “takes everything that culture has seen and loved and praised over the last 20 years, throws it in a blender and pours out a classic in the making.”

In the wake of parting ways with We Are Triumphant, Not My Weekend is releasing new music throughout 2023 starting with the single “KNOCK.ME.OUT” which you can stream right now LETS GOOOOOOOOOO