Boston’s Mint Green make music that hits the sweet spot between emo, pop and alternative, and they knock it out of the park on their debut record All Girls Go to Heaven. Mint Green is fronted by Ronnica, an energetic, thoughtful, and passionate performer and Daniel Huang, a meticulous, multi-instrumentalist who is never one to shy away from experimentation.

Pick a subject — any subject — and the Boston band have revitalized it somehow, with a coolness that escapes legions of modern acts stuck retracing the same rut of rock music. Since opening a lush vein of rock on their self-released EPs Growth (2016) and Headspace (2018), the band has formed a tender bond with listeners over the dizzying highs of crushes, the sting of soiled relationships, and nagging bouts of self-doubt — each examined through Mint Green’s refreshing filter.

After signing with Pure Noise Records in 2022, Mint Green released their first single, Body Language, a big, reverb-coated mix of indie rock and dream pop, with a hint of 2000s-style emo catharsis. All Girls Go to Heaven wraps the bands strengths into a package that ties in neatly with a recent resuscitation of pop-punk. It’s an easy listen from front to back, and its best songs beg for repeats.

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