Hannah Cameron is renowned for her ability to knock the wind out of you with her muscular guitar and a voice that could melt tar. There’s an unwavering strength to her poetry, matched by the weighty warmth of a baritone Gretsch, and an effortless complexity to her craft. So honed is the seasoned musician’s playing and poetry in fact, that “I don’t know how she does it” is a common whisper passed among audiences at her shows. And control – of her soaring voice, her deft guitar lines and her powerful narratives – is a thread that runs deep.

Whether buoyed by her live band or alone with a guitar and her thoughts, Hannah Cameron’s music carries audiences through pin-drop moments of dignified storytelling and intricate instrumentation. And if her intoxicating solo musicianship wasn’t enough, Hannah is also quietly one of the industry’s most in-demand performers (a touring member of The Paper Kites, Missy Higgins, Grand Salvo, On Diamond, Mimi Gilbert and more).