Gipsy Kings Featuring Tonino Baliardo, the undisputed leaders of World Music not only regarding Live Concerts but record sales. Tonino Baliardo writer and producer of Worldwide hits Bamboleo, Djobi Djoba and most recently the hit Chica Del Sol a track taken from Gipsy Kings Featuring Tonino Baliardo’s latest acclaimed album release Renaissance.

Now over 20 million albums sold worldwide, Grammy Award winners, tracks placed in major movies. The Big Leboski features their version of Hotel California and is always performed in their live set to rapturous applause from their fans. In Toy Story 3 you can enjoy their version of You’ve Got Friend. Bamboleo features in commercials across the World.

Tonino Baliardo cousin of the great Manatas De Plata carries on the Gipsy family tradition as the virtuoso, maestro of Spanish guitar.
From humble beginnings in Arles south of France where he lived and travelled in a caravan with his Family. Tonino started to play his guitar mastering a technique and style of his own.

Busking on streets in Marseille and on the beaches in St. Tropez, Brigitte Bardot asked them to play at her parties attended by Charlie Chaplin, Kirk Dougla, Tony Curtis and many more Hollywood stars became fans and followers of Tonino.

Thirty or more years on as true Gipsy’s Tonino is still on the road with his Renaissance Worldwide tour. Earlier this year they performed in the USA/Canada to sold out audiences and rave reviews Through massive public demand they will be returning in Oct/Nov for more Concerts. In between times this year they have performed in Malaysia, Dubai, France, Cyprus, Spain, Croatia and Portugal.

The Renaissance worldwide tour is very special for Tonino as he is joined on this tour with his two sons Cosso, Mikeal and their cousins.
“My Family is very important to me and for all of us to perform our songs in front of our fans brings great joy and happiness to me” Tonino Baliardo.

Through massive popular demand from USA/Canada they will be returning for more Concerts, not to be missed.