Former model and stylist Lara Gerin is more than a DJ: she’s an architect of emotion, skilled at constructing evocative, ambient soundtracks for some of the biggest names in fashion – Vogue, Chanel, Christian Dior, Sephora, Hugo Boss, Swarovski, Tory Burch and Piaget, just to name a few. Drawing on her Brazilian heritage, and years of musical research, this São Paulo native works with her clients to craft atmospheres of rhythm, romance and sexiness, whether she’s designing the sonic framework of a party, a large-scale launch event, or high-end shopping and dining experiences.

“I’m very sensitive to music’s effect on people’s moods, and how my clients want their guests to feel,” Gerin explains. “I’m comfortable working with every sort of musical genre, and I always keep an open mind. Most people like to hear music they recognize, but even when I use familiar sounds, I mix them in a way that’s completely new: a Brazilian beat layered with something romantic, perhaps, or a techno-infused Bossa Nova.”

Gerin’s career has taken her from walking fashion’s catwalks to dressing celebrities, but her greatest passion has always been music – and her affinity for the combined worlds of style and sound makes her a first choice for luxury brands looking to host memorable events. “My main goal,” Gerin explains, “is to create an ambiance that’s subtle, effective and unique, whether I’m keeping party guests moving on the dance floor, inspiring their imaginations, or suspending them in a state of perfect bliss. Every experience is customized, one-of-a-kind. And my shuffle never repeats.”

Specialty: Her love for different genres of music and constant research for new upbeat tunes makes her sets quite eclectic, from House, Deep House, Nu Disco shifting to Brazilian beats to African and Europeans tunes. In her native country, Brazil, she has a big presence in the fashion scene because of her Stylist Background which lead her to DJ since she was constantly asked to curate soundtracks for clients fashion shows and openings.

Client List:
Uma NY, Khirma Eliazov, Flying Solo, Vogue, Tumi, Tory Burch, Hugo Boss, Swarovisky, Chanel, Fabrizio Giannone, Mares, Dior, Piaget, Vuarnet, Christies