“Clannad’s legacy as Celtic pioneers who took Irish music to places it had never been before is a proud one.” – Uncut

On 8th April 2022 BMG released IN A LIFETIME (THE IMMERSIVE COLLECTION), a new “immersive” mix from the original tapes of Clannad’s global smash hits including a new 2022 “immersive” mix of the ‘In A Lifetime’ single (originally released in 1985) with Bono of U2 as the featured vocalist. Bono’s performance retains all its power and cultural importance with the new immersive mix giving the duet between Clannad’s Moya Brennan and Bono a new dimension of intimacy.

Further revelations within this new album concept come in the form of a reimagined version of ‘White Fool’. The socially challenging track features original guest vocals from Steve Perry, lead singer of Journey. While the vocals remain true to the original, Pól Brennan from Clannad has completely rebuilt the track from the ground up with contemporary sympathetic and balanced programming, new drumming and instrumentation plus new vocal parts from Moya Brennan. Not only does this bring the track beautifully up to date but also allows the immersive mix to push all the new elements to the maximum effect.

The two newly recorded songs ‘A Celtic Dream’ and ‘Who Knows (Where The Time Goes)’ were already expansive upon their initial debut on the band’s 2020 anthology “In A Lifetime” and are now given the immersive mix, these tracks produced by famed producer Trevor Horn take on a new dimension in 360 Reality Audio.

“The last songs as well, they have an expansive sound to start with so they’re just exploding in the room… I think the fans are going to love this.” (Pól Brennan)

The digital release of “IN A LIFETIME (THE IMMERSIVE COLLECTION)” creates the bridging gap between the band’s re-scheduled global farewell tour and the “IN A LIFETIME” anthology collection. Released in 2020, the anthology captures Clannad’s incredible and enduring body of work which has, over 16 studio albums, created a legacy that’s influenced a generation of fellow Irish musicians and artists.

“IN A LIFETIME (THE IMMERSIVE COLLECTION)” will be released digitally in 360 Reality Audio, a new immersive music experience utilizing Sony’s spatial audio technology, that will let listeners hear this incredible collection like never before. The 360 Reality Audio content will be available on Amazon Music Unlimited, Deezer and TIDAL, and can be enjoyed on any headphones and supporting speakers. For additional details visit: 360 Reality Audio official website

Clannad has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, including Bruce Hornsby, Steve Perry (Journey), JD Souther, Paul Young, Duke Special and most recently Denise Chaila but their most successful collaboration by far was with enthusiastic supporter and fan, Bono of U2. A fan of the band who declared singer Moya as “one of the greatest voices the human ear as ever experienced,” Bono duetted with the singer on Clannad’s 1985 hit single – and the song which gives this collection its title – In A Lifetime.

IN A LIFETIME is a multi-format, career-spanning anthology containing tracks from Clannad’s 50-year recording career. Available as 37 track 2CD set, 2CD deluxe, 2LP deluxe smokey vinyl and an expanded deluxe 100+ track bookpack as well as a digital version. Compiled in conjunction with Clannad band members.

The anthology will both delight and excite Clannad’s enormous and loyal fanbase as well as introduce this legendary, influential and culturally important band to a whole new generation of music fans.