“For anyone following contemporary emo/indie, Rochester, New York’s Carpool should be a name you’re already familiar with. If you’ve somehow missed the boat, their debut LP Erotic Nightmare Summer is as good a place as any to come aboard. Following 2019’s I Think Everyone Is a Cop, Carpool’s latest effort is a step forward in their particularly beguiling sonic cocktail of emo and pop/rock. Melding the intricate leads and earnestness of emo with the melodic sensibilities of 90s radio rock giants like Third Eye Blind, Erotic Nightmare Summer distills the best parts of Carpool’s broad influences into a potent formula that should appeal to virtually anyone with ears. Bands can’t be blamed for wanting to reinvent the wheel, but Carpool understands that the wheel is the best mode of getting from point A to point B. Instead of reinvention, they opt to trim the fat and maximize the effectiveness of their chosen vehicle, delivering concise, infectious pop enriched with the best elements of the last decade of emo music. It’s not broke and it doesn’t need to be fixed, but Erotic Nightmare Summer makes it a bit better” – Grey Gordon