Throughout a career that has stretched near two decades, Blackalicious has earned their respect the old-fashioned way; rising through honesty, commitment, and true artistry. Blackalicious is an American hip-hop duo from Sacramento, CA made up of MC Gift of Gab (born Tim Parker) and DJ/producer Chief Xcel (born Xavier Mosley). Internationally acclaimed for the sublime combination of Gift of Gab’s verbal dexterity and lyrical eloquence and Chief Xcel’s bracing beats and distinctive soundscapes, Blackalicious has gained widespread recognition both in and out of the hip-hop community for the wildly inventive and personally charged innovations of their brilliant first three albums, 1999’s Nia, 2002’s Blazing Arrow and 2005’s The Craft. Their latest release, Imani Vol. 1 (2015), was perhaps Blackalicious’ most ambitious and accomplished effort to date, maintaining the spirituality, introspection and positivity that are the duo’s trademark.