The Yemenite-Israeli sister trio Tair, Liron, and Tagel Haim, also known as A-WA, took the world by storm singing in the Yemenite-Arabic dialect while mixing electronic dance music, hip-hop beats with folkloric and original melodies. Growing up in the remote village of Shaharut (in the Arava valley of Israel) gave way for a unique childhood with the barren desert landscape providing a blank canvas of sorts for boundless creativity. A-WA have come a long way since their debut single “Habib Galbi (Love Of My Heart)” became a worldwide sensation with many remix versions.Filmed in the desert of their childhood, the music video for “Habib Galbi” went viral and amassed an astounding 13 million-plus views. The group’s 2016 full-length debut album, “Habib Galbi”, uprooted the traditional folk chants of Yemenite women and reassembled them as a pastiche of rich electro, indie rap attitude, and unexpected pop appeal.